When I Was a Junior Frontend Developer I Needed a Mentor or Coach!

The true value of a mentorship

There was a time when I was a Junior Frontend Developer and needed a mentor/coach. This is not what I thought when I started my career as Frontend Developer, this is what I´ve been thinking about the past weeks.

Side note: In my opinion is a Junior Frontend Developer, someone who just started with doing Frontend Development or someone who has a little experience with HTML, CSS, but need some guidance.

When I started to do Frontend Development professional I had so much to learn. And felt sometimes really lost in all those countless tools and techniques. I had so much difficulties with the difference between position relative and absolute (didn’t even knew fixed and static at that time). But these difficulties never kept me away from becoming better and better.

After One Year

After a year, I started doing real Frontend Development my passion was growing massively! I was loving my job more and more, that it wasn’t even my job, but my passion. Still it was hard to keep up with learning all these new techniques and tools that all those more experienced developers used.

When I look back trough that time, I was in need of a real mentor/coach, who already knew all tools and techniques that were worth to learn, and which don’t. I’m a self-taught Frontend Developer from the beginner. I learned almost everything with trail & error, but also from other tutorials from or .

If I had someone who told me that I was ready to learn a CSS pre-processor or that I had to work my ass off to learn pure JavaScript and not lean too much on jQuery. Or someone who told me that I shouldn’t use ID selectors in my CSS, or even that selectors with 7 levels deep where not efficient for future maintainability.

Having a Mentor

If I had a real mentor that time, it would make me learn faster than I did now. It would make me a real better Frontend Developer! But there was no one in my area that could teach me all of these things. At that time, these services like were not even there yet.

So that’s why I want to help out all these cool Junior Frontend Developers (Guys & Girls) or even other levels. Yes, it makes me very happy to coach people who want to be better in their work. So these Developers can learn more quickly the tools and techniques that are worth it right now (and in the future).

Here is where my message starts: If you recognised yourself in my story, don’t wait to respond, I’m here to help YOU! I will help you figure out wat you need in your Junior Frontend Developer career. Tell you the right tools & techniques to learn. Or even guide you to find a job as a Junior Frontend Developer.

So I gathered a couple of , feel free if you like to join in.

I write stories about Frontend Dev, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, FaunaDB, Netlify, Apple, iOS—

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