What is the next step after learning HTML & CSS? Start with JavaScript, drop jQuery!

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Start with Vanilla JavaScript

Why is learning Vanilla JavaScript important?

To build an application in the future (or right now) you don’t really need a backend developer (depending on how big your application will be of course). Just install NodeJS and you can use JavaScript on the server to build awesome web apps!

That is the reason (one of a lot more) why you should be good in JavaScript! When you are good in JavaScript, in general, you can use any JavaScript framework or library you want. At that moment, the will be tools for you to write faster JavaScript.

Why drop jQuery now?

When I was a beginner, I became very good in HTML & CSS and could use jQuery. Some jQuery plugins here and there, but it was just only implementing the examples, change the selectors and it was done. But when I had a bug like jQuery is undefined, I could not fix it, because I didn’t exactly understand what was happening.

When I applied to new jobs, all the reaction’s were based on my knowledge of JavaScript, not just jQuery. The needed me to understand JavaScript in general (read my story about that here).

Where can you start with learning better JavaScript?

If I missed some resources in the list, please add them in the comments, then I will add them to this list!

I hope this blog post will help you to go forwards! Hopefully, this will start your passion for JavaScript to grow and make you more hungry for getting better in JavaScript!

Keep up the good work! If you have any questions or you need any help with your JavaScript, please let us know :-)

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I write stories about Frontend Dev, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, FaunaDB, Netlify, Apple, iOS— https://byrayray.dev

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