The starting story of Mr Frontend for Junior Frontend Developers

The people who joined the Mr Frontend Community already know the story a bit. But I would like to share it with everyone else as a starting point to launch our new blog.

It started with 1 tweet

Since then I started to coach @csrobinson86 and a few weeks later I got a tweet from @SamiADelgado, to ask me If I could be his mentor.

I was very pleased with this tweet! So I started to help them get better in CSS. It was such a nice experience to help out someone else, to really give value to all my knowledge.

The idea of a community

I love to read stories of passionate entrepreneurs, that build something they really love. It always inspired me to launch something that really meant something for people. So I came across the blog of Pieter Levels of, he described in a really simple but nice way, how he built a community around his startup. This inspired me to launch a community via Slack.

So I did! I told the guys that I already coached, that I created a Slack Community called “Mr Frontend”, so the joined immediately! After 5 days we were with 6 members. I was very glad about those members! We had great conversations, I could help them with a lot of things, in the meantime they were inspiring me. The told me great idea´s of making it bigger and help more people.

Then there were 42 members

Great future is before us

Become a mentor/coach at Mr Frontend

Idea’s or suggestions?

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