Should I learn React Or AngularJS?

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I think this is a bit generic question! But this !

I felt the need to respond to this question. But of course, I wanted to share it with you because it can everybody with this question!

The discussion

For some, it will be React and for others, it would be AngularJS. There is a big discussion on which is better, but I think the question should be, which fits better in the projects I build and what do I favor as developer or company.

But the question before asking “Should I learn React or Angular” should be, “Do I know the concepts of JavaScript well enough to dive into one of those JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries?”.


A developer who just starting out with Web Development is overloaded by a number of tools, libraries, and frameworks. Every day there comes a new one to the list.

Vanilla JavaScript

So if you just starting out, ask yourself the question, do I know enough to dive into this JavaScript Framework/Library? If not, then ask yourself, what do I need to know before I can dive into it?

My advice would always be, make sure you dive into vanilla JavaScript first, before you learn React, Angular(JS), jQuery, Ember, NodeJS. Because you will have a hard time digging into bugs that you will discover along the way developing.

It would be a waste of time to just dive direct into a framework. It’s gonna make your time developing even harder than needed.

So make it yourself easily, just make sure you know Vanilla JavaScript well enough. Not only the theory but the experience developing with just Vanilla JavaScript is just that important!

That will help you fix bugs faster, learn new Frameworks/Libraries a lot faster!

I can tell you from my own experience that will save you a lot of time! (What JavaScript concepts you need to master JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries)

If you just need help with learning JavaScript or other Frontend Development related stuff, getting more experience with these things? Please let me help you on .

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