Personal branding for Junior Frontend Developers

Hi there! Today I want to start to talk about personal branding as a Junior Frontend Developer.

Personal branding is not just a hype! It can help to grow your career as a Junior Frontend Developer. With personal branding, I mean how you show the world, what you do, what you like, what you love the most etc. etc.

What do you love the most?

So what do you love the most? What is your passion? Do you show that to the world? Or does nobody know you?

Social media

Let’s start small. How did you define yourself on Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.? To make it more specific, what’s inside your bio or description?

Hopefully, it is not empty. If it is, I would recommend you to write one. Think about how you would define yourself in short words or an in a few sentences. Think about your passion, what you love the most.

If frontend development is your passion, set it in the bio of your Twitter account for example. It will also help to use the hashtag of related topics in your Twitter bio. This makes it easier for people to find you.

This is how mine looks:

Frontend Developer ♥ CSS & Sass / Founder of @frontendmr / Frontend Coach & Mentor #HTML #Sass #BEM #JavaScript #AngularJS #responsive #CoderDojo #NodeJS

Personal website

Making a blog or personal website will also boost your personal brand. With something like a blog, you can write stories about topics you love the most. This will also help to show others what you love the most and where you are good in.

So to make it clear. Take care of your personal brand. Write a good bio on your social media accounts and launch your personal website. Write about what you love the most. This will help others to see you as a professional in the business!

Do you need help?

I hope this advice will help you to grow in your work!

If there is anything we can help you with to spice up your personal branding? We would love to! Please add your comments below or send us an email to so we can help you!

Do you want to help someone else with this article or just share around? Use the share buttons below, we would love to see you sharing it!

Cheers and good luck!

Raymon :-)


I found a nice article about 10 ways to build your personal brand! :-P

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