Mr Frontend weekly sharing #54

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I want to continue with the topic of last Mr Frontend weekly sharing (Ask for feedback to grow), growing in your skillset. Growing is in every job very important so this short message if not only to the people that doing web development.

Sharing will help you grow, just like asking for feedback! In order to get feedback from someone else, you have to share something. It can be a cake you baked in your weekend, a chair you build from wood, a piece of code you developed for a project or a design you created for a cool app.

It is up to you how you would like to have feedback and how much feedback you want to have. If you want to have as much feedback as possible from the biggest group of people you need to go to the streets, but if it is something digital you need to put it online, where people can check it out by them self.

So this week message from me to you, share as much as you can, share it in early stages of development, share it with as much people as possible. Even feedback is not positive, learn from it, it will always teach you something, it will always help you grow!

This week I love to share with you a lot of resources about JavaScript, CSS, WordPress and a lot of other (frontend) stuff!, so if you have feedback for me or our community please put it in the comments, I will appreciate it! :-)

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