Junior Frontend Development weekly link sharing #4

This week Frontend Development weekly link sharing we have again a lot of worthy links for you to check out and to learn from. We have links with Frontend Development, JavaScript, Sass, CSS, Tools and Design resources.

This list based upon the sharing of the whole community this week! We hope you like it!



  1. 7 Reasons NOT to Use a Static Site Generator
    Popular static site generators include Jekyll, Pelican, Hugo and Metalsmith — see StaticGen for many more options. SSGs appear to offer the benefits of both CMS and static worlds, but they will not be suitable for every project …

Frontend Development

  1. Why is front end development so hard?


  1. Why and How to Avoid Hamburger Menus
    We now have data that suggests Sidebar menus — sometimes called Hamburger Menus/Basements — might be causing more harm than good.
  2. UI Interactions of the week #16
  3. How To Integrate Motion Design In The UX Workflow
    As UX professionals, we play a key role in raising the bar for customer experiences. A simple attention to detail is often what signals to the customer that we’re thinking about them. In the digital space, we focus on user interactions within applications devices and processes.


  1. What is the best way to learn JavaScript?
    Books, internet, blogs, videos, trial and error, etc.
  2. Modern Javascript Tools and the Stories Behind Them
    So what you are about to read was never supposed to exist at all. I basically accidentally wrote it (and I swear I didn’t intend this article to be this way), but originally I wanted it to be a listicle. You know: “The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions”, “the 10 best easter eggs by google”, “10 things I hate about you”, et cetera.
  3. 4 JavaScript Design Patterns You Should Know
    Every developer strives to write maintainable, readable, and reusable code. Code structuring becomes more important as applications become larger. Design patterns prove crucial to solving this challenge — providing an organization structure for common issues in a particular circumstance.
  4. jQuery coding standards & best practices
    These are some of the common standards and best practices for writing better code with jQuery . These standards do not cover JavaScript standards or best practices. If you have any questions, suggestions or improvements, please drop a word on my blog post . Browse the jQuery Cheatsheet for API reference.
  5. JavaScript Questions Episode #1
    You have questions? We have answers. Tweet your JS questions to @JS_Cheerleader with the hashtag #jsquestions for a chance to have your question answered on the show.
  6. Nodal (API Service Made Easy with NodeJS)
    Nodal is a web server for Node.js, optimized for building API services quickly and efficiently. Boasting its own opinionated, explicit, idiomatic and highly-extensible framework, Nodal takes care of all of the hard decisions for you and your team. This allows you to focus on creating an effective product in a short timespan while minimizing technical debt.


  1. Flexbox: space-between, Flexbox’s Unsung Hero
    The more I use flexbox, the more one rule comes up over and over again: justify-content: space-between. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how I approach a layout problem with flexbox and how useful the space-between pattern is for tackling tricky layouts very efficiently.
  2. A Visual Guide to CSS3 Flexbox Properties
    The Flexbox Layout officially called CSS Flexible Box Layout Module is new layout module in CSS3 made to improve the items align, directions and order in the container even when they are with dynamic or even unknown size. The prime characteristic of the flex container is the ability to modify the width or height of its children to fill the available space in the best possible way on different screen sizes.


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