Junior Frontend Development weekly link sharing #13

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This week Frontend Development weekly link sharing we have a couple off worthy links for you to check out and to learn from. We have links with CSS, Design, JavaScript and a lot of other things for developers.

This list based on the sharing of the whole community this week! We hope you like it!

  • BEMantic: DRY Like You Mean It
    Tim Baxter’s recent A List Apart article, Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It, has once again re-ignited the debate t…
  • Hosted cloud search as a service
    Algolia’s Search API makes it easy to deliver a great search experience in your apps & websites. Algolia Search provides hosted full-text, numerical, faceted and geolocalized search.
  • git-projects
    List and open your local Git projects in Atom.
  • git-plus
    Do git things without the terminal

Originally published at Mr Frontend Blog.

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I write stories about Frontend Dev, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, FaunaDB, Netlify, Apple, iOS— https://byrayray.dev

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