Junior Developer! You are definitly good enough! 😁😎

Don’t think you are not good enough! Because you are definitly good enough! 😁😎
As Developers we sometimes look to others and think, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m never gonna be as good as he or she”!
But that’s a big lie we hold for ourselfes!
Just try to imagine that the one you look up to, also had a day that he/she begun with development.
Had to walk into the same issues as you did or will do!
Also remember that he or she became so good because of all the failures they have been through!
Look to people as an example not as a competition! Because 1 day others will look up to you! See what you have been achieved.
At that moment remember my message! Tell and share with them where you have been through! Tell how you started and how you failed!
Because then you are gonna see, “Damn I wasgood enough at that moment, I just needed to fail a lot more to learn from!”.

Originally published at Mr Frontend Blog.

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