jQuery does not help you learn JavaScript

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Be aware that this blog post is my opinion, based on my own experience. So it is possible that you won’t agree with that and that is okay. If you want to give your vision about this topic, please do it in the comments 😉.


jQuery is a JavaScript library, most used by Developers & Designers for DOM manipulation, Animation and a lot of other stuff.

It has helped with growing JavaScript to a much higher level like it is today.

Nowadays JavaScript is becoming more and more important for Developers to learn that it was in the early days of JavaScript.

Please leave jQuery!

But if you want to become really good with JavaScript, then please forget jQuery and learn it the Vanilla JavaScript way, because that’s gonna help you learn any other JavaScript library or framework a lot faster!

When I started as a Frontend Developer I learned HTML, CSS, and jQuery because jQuery was much easier to learn, I thought. But when I wanted to apply for another job, I got a lot of rejections, because I didn’t know JavaScript. You can read my whole story about that on my personal blog.

Don’t be a JavaScript framework/library developer

First things first, nowadays you hear all kinds of Developers ask me, should I learn jQuery, Angular, React, Vue?

Don’t make learning a framework or library a top priority. It’s more important to learn JavaScript deeply. Because that is gonna help you learn to work with a lot of frameworks and libraries faster.

If you gain experience with Vanilla JavaScript itself, then it will save you time when you start working on projects where they use React, Angular or a different framework!

If you only know the framework you are gonna have hard times with fixing errors and debugging.

That is the reason why is spread this message of learning JavaScript itself. Make that a top priority! That is gonna save you a lot of time in your career as Developer!

I’m wondering how good you know JavaScript? And what is your current experience with JavaScript frameworks and libraries?

And if you have the same experience as me? Please share it, I love to hear from you!

JavaScript Courses

To help you further I’ve listed a few free and paid resources where you can learn JavaScript and learn what you need in order to master all the JavaScript libraries & frameworks.

In the future, I will launch my own courses 😎, but for now, I will direct you to other awesome courses! If you want to be updated in the future, fill in the form.

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jQuery, love it or hate it

In 2016 I’ve written a blog post about that you should drop jQuery! So if you want to read, go ahead 👍

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