5 tips to start with social media marketing (for beginners)

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Let me guess, your private social media accounts are already there. But you try to figure out how to start with social media marketing, for your business, product or service.

But you don’t know how to start. Because there are so many channels, everyone is posting so much! Too hard to keep up.

1. One step at a time

You’ve seen that other business post many times a day or every day. But since you have a business to run, you don’t have time for that.

So keep it small!

Nobody starts big! Nobody starts with running a big company! (okay there are some exceptions)

Like a baby is born small. A baby starts with laying, after a few months it discovers it can turn around. A few months later it starts to sit.

Well, I guess you know how the development of a baby continues with crumble, standing and walking.

2. Keep it small and simple

Let’s start small and simple. Don’t try to rule it all at once.

Start with one social media channel where you are the most comfortable with. Start with creating an account, adding your logo, short description, website link.

It costs you 10 minutes! And I guess there is a day with 10 minutes of free time for it.

3. What’s your audience?

Now that you have one social media channel setup. It’s time to make a plan what you’re gonna post. But for that, we need to know what kind of people you audience have.

The average age, gender, kids, adults, living area, jobs?


Let’s say you own a barbershop, located in Amsterdam. A barbershop specialized in male haircuts, beards, and mustaches. You know your customers because they are locals.

Then your audience is:

  • Males
  • Living in the area of Amsterdam
  • Unknown age

4. What are you gonna post

Now we know what your audience is, we can focus on what to post.

But your audience is not the only thing you have to think about. It also depends on which medium you post.

On Twitter, your message can have max 140 characters. It’s recommended to include images that strengthen your message on Facebook. On Instagram, it’s images with captions.


Let’s say, you created a Facebook page for your Barbershop. Then it’s recommended to publish posts with images that strengthen your message.

The most important thing you have to keep on your mind is, “Whatever you post, it has to give value to your audience”.

If you post a list with your prices, people don’t like this kind of message.

Your audience is gonna like posts with interesting information. For example, how they can make their mustache shine. Or posts with some inspiration on which haircuts are hot nowadays. Now you’re getting started with giving value to your audience.

5. Give value on social media

You can publish whatever you want on your social media accounts, but do it smart.

For every post you have to think about the purpose and how much value is this post gonna give my audience.

As long as you give value to your audience, the change is bigger your account is gonna gain more followers.

Giving value is the message! No matter on which social media channel you are. Don’t forget that!


To summarize all the tips!

  1. One step at a time. Don’t overload yourself with work and pressure for posting everywhere!
  2. Keep it smart and simple. Don’t over-complicate!
  3. Know what your audience is.
  4. Know what you’re gonna post. Take the time to think about it!
  5. Always, always but always give value to your audience!

Hope these steps are gonna help you get started with social media marketing!

If you have questions or feedback about this post or topic? Please feel free to add them in the comments. :-)

Originally published at ByRayRay.com.

I write stories about Frontend Dev, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, FaunaDB, Netlify, Apple, iOS— https://byrayray.dev

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