How to get your message to your audience?

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When I started blogging in 2011, I was a very bad bad bad writer. But the only thing I wanted, that people would read my message. I want to inspire them. Not that I was an experience living human! But I got something to say.

At that time I was trying to figure out how my message would reach the audience I was searching for.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Past weeks, I saw a few videos of Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is very direct. But brings a positive message about Entrepreneurship, marketing and running a business. He does that by practice what you preach! I love the way he does it!

Gary started in his early days a wine business on youtube. Youtube was very small at that time. Gary created video after video. The way he was reaching his audience was very simple.

He searched on the hashtag #wine on Twitter and started to respond to every tweet that had that hashtag in it. On a very personal way, he got into contact with people who were interested in wine.

Currently, Gary is a very rich man, investor at Facebook, Snapchat and much other business. He runs a youtube channel where he posts daily videos. Gary is a doer and that’s what inspired me. He started small, after years and years, he became successful by working hard.

Start interacting with people

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If you want to have your message, product or service spread to your audience, you got to find your audience!

It’s not that they will come to you! NO! Go to them, that’s the way the get to know you. They can’t smell you’re out there and have a wonderful solution, product or service for them.

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Don’t only talk about your product. But get to know your audience. Find out how you can help them. Discover by talking with them about their interests.

How about you?

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This is not a long blog post. But I wanted this message out as soon as possible for you to get inspired!

So how are you gonna do this? How are you gonna reach your audience? Start right now! Not tomorrow, not next week! Right now is the moment to find your audience.

Please let me know in the comments how you are gonna find your audience. I would love to interact with you about it!

If you want to respond via @byrayraycom on Instagram or @byrayraycom on Twitter, feel free to tag me!

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