Frontend Workflow #2: CSS automation with GulpJS

This is the second episode of the “Frontend Workflow” series. In this episode, I will use GulpJS, some plugins and Browser-sync to show you how you can automate your CSS development in your workflow.

The first episode I showed you in a video how you need to install tools like NPM, NodeJS, GulpJS, Bower and Git. So if you missed episode 1 of the “Frontend Workflow” series, I recommend watching that first.

I’m looking forward to all the responses! And don’t forget to enjoy this journey to be a much better and effective Frontend Developer :-)

If you have any comments or questions you can ask them on youtube or this blog in the comments.

I write stories about Frontend Dev, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, FaunaDB, Netlify, Apple, iOS—

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