Failing is the path to success!

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Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat! It’s a natural process. Most humans will are afraid to fail. Nobody wants to fail, no one will live with failures.

I love to fail! (Whoops it is out now) better said, I’m a living failure! Is that bad? Why? Should it? After every failure I stand up, watch back what I did, take a lesson from it and do it better next time!

(TFLR: Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat)

Is failing completely human?

Let me help you, remind you how you grow up from a baby to a kid, teenager and now an adult (well that’s my guess 😉).

Baby’s learn to walk by trying to walk, then fall and climb up there feets again. Over and over again they fall! Until the see what goes wrong, then they start to learn to walk.

People have better results, knowing failure is part of life

Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat! It’s a natural process

There is a study by the APA (American Psychological Association). It is about teaching kids that failure is a normal part of life. The results are a nice gotcha!

Kids that were told that failure is part of life, got better results than the one who they didn’t tell.

Failing is a good thing! Don’t be afraid to fail! Failure is the best tool to learn something! Something new, something old, doesn’t matter what!

It’s up to you how you handle your failures. Do you sit down, cry whole night because you failed? Or do you stand up after a failure?

Every now and then your gonna fail

Let’s say you try to be a professional writer.

You’re gonna start writing letters, stories or even a book.

After a few weeks of writing, you share your draft with a friend. A friend with professional writing experience.

As soon as he starts to read, he shakes his head, you ask why he is shaking his head. He starts, “This story is not even close to professional writing!”.

Ouch! That’s a bummer!

You didn’t see that coming.

How are you gonna process his comment?

It’s up to you if you want to turn this failure into a lesson or not!

Are you gonna through in the trash? I hope you will thank your friend and tell him that he will receive a new version next week. Because you want to turn this failure into a lesson!

Adopt Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat in your life

If you want to have a more successful life, I advise you to accept that failure is a part of life.

After every failure, there will be a lesson. But it depends on how you process your failure.

I adopt TFLR in my own life.

I’m not afraid to fail, when I try new things, like writing more often, then I will become better in writing in the end.

Currently, I’m not a writing God, I don’t have to be one! I want to fail, I want to learn writing better because I have so much fun with writing and sharing my thoughts here.


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Remember yourself continues, failure is part of life!

That’s why I’ve crafted some wallpapers for your phone, computer. To inspire yourself daily with the TFLR process.

This is all for free, to spread the message!

Download for free!!!

Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat wallpaper pack (4K, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Phone)

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