Commit together with multiple users on Github

I don’t know about you, but I love to pair program with my team members. We build a ton of features with multiple people. But is was never possible to bind multiple authors to a single commit.

But since the end of January 2018 Github came with some news about a possibility to commit with co-authors. That is awesome news Github!!

Off-course I had to check that out! And it seems pretty easy. In this blog I want to share with you how you can do that to!

Add an co-author to your commit

I’m a fan of using the terminal for git instead of a GUI. But adding a co-author can be done on both.


On the terminal you start writing your commit message as usual. But now you add 2 empty lines and put in a row of Co-authored-by: Firstname Lastname <> for every co-author. After the last line of the co-author you close the message with the quotes.

> git commit -m "Your commit message
> Co-authored-by: Name <>
> Co-authored-by: Name2 <>"

For every co-author you need a name, that can be a first and lastname or a name of choice. After the name you add a email address of that user between the <> arrows.

If a co-author wil keep his/her emailadress private you can simply use the github noreply emailadress “”.

Git GUI and via Github website

Via a Git GUI of choice and via the Github website you can also make changes to a file. If you do that, below the file will be a field for your commit message.

Then just put in the same message as in the terminal.

Your commit message
Co-authored-by: Name <>
Co-authored-by: Name2 <>"


Than in your commit log on Github you will se the author and co-authors instead of only 1 author.

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