Bring more value to your audience with Social Content Marketing

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Let me start with a story!

This year Armin van Buuren played at the Untold Festival in Romania.

The organizers booked Armin 3 years in a row from 3 till 5 o’clock, but he played until 6.

2 years ago the booked him from 3 till 5 o’clock, but he played until 7.

This year the booked him at the same time, but this year he played until 8 o’clock 😃

By doing this he is not only giving value, he gave more value than people expect. By this people are willing to pay more money for what he delivers, because he always is giving more value!

Armin has a great product, “A music experience”! He played all across the world. But what makes every year more successful is by giving value to his audience!

Armin van Buuren is an excellent example of a business man who understands that it sells more if you bring more value than people expect!

Start with bringing value with content marketing

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I’ve seen a lot of Instagram accounts of business who are only making photos of their products. Or posting only photos with sales from their business.

If you want to be more successful, start with changing your social content creation! Start with bringing value to people’s lives with your content!

Your business will be more memorable, because of the value you brought to their lives. And how you made them feel. Then they memorize your awesome discount!

People will remember the ones that brought value

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What do I mean by bringing value to your audience with content marketing?

Social Media is for promoting our business right. Well, that is not the true!

What means social?

In your daily life, social means for me having conversations with people.

So Social Media is not for promoting your business! It’s for having a conversation with people. A conversation about what they love and hate. By having this conversation you will discover what you have to offer. Something that will give them a solution they hate or don’t like to do. For most, it means by saving their time!

And time is one of the most valuable things people have.

So if you have a business with products or services, focus on the things that bring value to people. If you start bringing value, people will come back. In the end, they will appreciate your authority in your profession.

Don’t be afraid to give too much value!

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Some people are afraid to give too much value. Or are afraid that when they give people something valuable for free, that they won’t come back.

But if you read my story about Armin van Buuren, you can see that every year people come back to watch his DJ set en listend to his music.

Giving a lot of value makes you more likable! Being more likable will give people more trust that you will do the right thing, but als gives them the trust that you know where you are talking about.

This can make you the go-to-guy or go-to-girl! Well that is important! If people like your content, like your the work you deliver they will be happy to spread your message. This will help you getting more customers! In this digital age, the word-of-mouth technique is still the most powerfull in the world of business and marketing!

I would say, give it a try! But don’t give up to soon! Be very patient with it, because it will cost you time. That time is gonna be your investment in your business!

How to start with bringing value with Social Content Marketing

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I will give you a few ideas of how to get started with creating valuable social content.

Social Content Marketing Idea 1

If you own a makeup studio, people will come to you so you can make them more beautiful. But sometimes they want to do it all by themselves with smallest time and effort.

You can make a video or blog post where you can show your customer how they can make themselves ready for a date-night in 5 minutes.

What makes this valuable for you and your customer?

  1. It will save them time!
  2. It will save them money!
  3. You show that you are really good with makeup!
  4. People can see how you work, especially when they are not your customer (yet)!

Social Content Marketing Idea 2

If you have are a financial professional. You help people and business with their financial things. Your clients will come to you for advise. Some questions from your clients you will hear a lot, but these questions have very simple answers. What can you do to help them? What can you do so you don’t have to tell them over-and-over-again the same thing?

Make a blog post, video or even an audio recording about their top 10 questions. As a financial professional this is not a difficult task, because you can make it realy practical for people! So for every question you make a blog post, with actions so they can easily fix it themselves.

What makes this valuable for you and your customer?

  1. This will save them time!
  2. They can find it on your website!
  3. You don’t have to spend any more time on those simple questions.You can always tell your clients, on my website is a detailed explanation for your question. Check it if you want to read it later.
  4. This will also help non-customers!
  5. It will show customers your professionality how good you can explain it to them!

Social Content Marketing Idea 3

Let’s say you have a local travel agency. You know a lot of good places for people. Couple, families, honeymoons etc. etc. You can tell people the best spots because you traveled a lot yourself. People ask you all the time, what are to best spots to go to for my family or my honeymoon.

Because you love to tell all about your experiences, but while running your agency you don’t have that time for it. So you start a blog on your company website. In some blog posts, you’re gonna explain what are the top 5 destinations for families or honeymoon for this season. In others you are gonna write about your own traveling, you’re gonna tell them the where to find the best spots for site-seeing or some other things you liked.

What makes this valuable for you and your customer?

  1. People will take inspiration from it.
  2. This will saves them time by searching for themselves.
  3. This will show your authority, by showing that you travel yourself. So they will trust you it won’t be a sales conversation you have!
  4. Travel blogs and videos are popular so it will drive also people from other places.


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Be a ware that you should not talk about your awesome products or services. The meaning of this is showing your (potential) customer that you are a professional, an authority! The go-to person for a honest advice and not a sales talk, because of the money you will earn!

My message to you! Please give, give, give and you will recieve!

If you liked this blog post about Social Content Marketing? I would love to know and will appreciate if you share it with other 😇. If you have more ideas for other professionals, please share them with others in the comments!


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