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Since I’m traveling these day, I thought for some of you it would be interesting that I share some tips about writing my blogposts and creating my content while traveling!

Everytime I think about a topic for a new blogpost, I write a numbured list with all the headlines, so I can craft my story.

After that I just try to get into the flow of writing what’s on my mind! In the Apple Notes app there a few things to style my content and that is enough for a draft.

I use the app on my phone and tablet! The nice thing is that everything will be synced when I’m on wifi 👍

For heavy writing I favor my tablet with bluetooth keyboard.

With a normal keyboard I just can type faster than the onscreen keyboard. You can just get them very cheap on Ebay, Amazon or a local store.

Mine is very small an goes on small AAA batteries, which you can buy everywhere!

If I want to use my own photos for my blog or social media content, I just take pictures with my DSLR, but I favor my good old DSLR (Canon 450D).

But the pictures I take on my iPhone are good enough to use! You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make photos which you can use online!

If my photos doesn’t support the content I go to my favorite right free photo website Unsplash! You can download and use the pictures for free. The photographers will offcourse like it if you put their profile like in it!

I discovered lately that I’m pretty good in creating drafts for my next blogposts when I’m on a 8 hour flight with a plane.

I just put on some music and start thinking and writing down the ideas on my phone, that float through my head.

I believe that If you stay disconnected from the internet it can really help you produce ideas for blogging or other marketing channels.

When I was on a plane last time I discovered really that it helps, to be disconnected from the internet for a while.

It will stimulate your brain thinking about ideas.

For me it really helps!!!

Sometimes you can be distracted by surfing on Facebook, Instagram or other websites. It keeps you from using your time wiseley.

Some people say they don’t have time to create a blogpost or record a video for their audience. I think if you use your time more wisely en sometimes go offline, to take time for creating nice content, it will definitly have very positive effects on you and your business!

The only thing for creating videos is just my phone, so as last tip, if you just want to have a message out, take your phone on the selfie mode en record that video!

Don’t be fancy, just make the message count!

Just like this video:


I hope that my blogpost helps you for creating content while traveling. Just use your phone or table and you can start producing on the road. Just start! Don’t overthink!

If you need help with brainstorming about your business blogging or social media. Please send me an email, I’m happy to help you 😉

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