Automatic JavaScript Error checking with GulpJS

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This is episode #4 of the “Frontend Workflow” series. In this episode, I used GulpJS, JShint, Gulp-jshint and Browser-sync to show you how you can automate your error checking of you JavaScript code in your Frontend development workflow.

This is one of the things that helps me, avoiding JavaScript on live/online website’s and web app’s. So I definitely recommend you to watch the video and use JShint in your own Frontend Workflow!

If you got stuck with the error checking or got error’s in your JavaScript you find hard to debug/fix, please add them in the comments or share it in our (make sure your ).



The presentation I used in the video, you can find that on

The code of the video is on Github:

If you missed the other episodes of the “” series, I recommend to check them out before you watch this episode.

For this video, I’ve created a and I have placed so you can check everything back there.

In the coming episode, I’m gonna show you, how to automate more in your Frontend Workflow.

Originally published at on April 13, 2016.

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