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I write about Frontend Developer and write about JavaScript, Typescript, React, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, Netlify, Next.js, Angular, Power Apps, Low Code

A perfect solution for the KeyOf type in TypeScript

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If you got the error “Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘string’ can’t be used to index type” in TypeScript via TSLint or Visual Studio Code? Here is your solution 👍

It sometimes happens that you want to have a generic function to get a specific property from an array of key-value pairs. But how do you type that correctly in TypeScript?

Let’s see this example function. TSLint won’t accept this.

You will get an error like “Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘string’ can’t be used to index type ‘Vaccination’.”.

Low-code + Professional Developer = ❤️

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Recently I wrote the story “”. One of the readers asked a , “Why will low-code or no-code be beneficial for professional developers”. It wasn’t that clear why it would be great for professional developers to use low-code platforms.

In this story, I want to dive a bit more into why it’s an excellent thing for professional developers to use low-code platforms.

What is low-code?

I talked a lot about low-code lately, but let’s start with a definition of why I mean with “low-code”.

Low-code is a visual approach to software development. With low-code, you can abstract and automate every…

Prevent typing color codes over and over again!

Microsoft made it easy to build apps via their Power Apps Platform. As a professional developer, I love to make things re-usable, so I don’t have to type them every time.

The Power Apps Canvas application lets you do that very quickly. But it requires some code in the Formula Bar. This formula bar works almost the same as in Excel but has a lot of functionality you can add. (Microsoft has an extensive list of available formulas you can )

Add Formula onStart

Long Live Low-code Development!

Coding the whole day every day can be challenging. Not everyone can do this.

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If you can’t keep up with the fast-growing and changing programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, you will lose your jobs for people who can do this.

Well, that’s what I thought for a very long time.

There are also revolutions happening in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, bots, and so much more. Who will keep up with all these technologies?

Coding is dead sounds hard, but I think we are at the forefront of a revolution in how we have taught about code for a long time…

How To Deal With The Ever-Changing Web Technologies as Developer

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As developers, we are all aware that web technologies are changing so fast that no human is ever in the power of learning everything. But how should we deal with it?

I think this is one of those topics developers are not talking about a lot. So I thought, let’s open up the conversation and be open about it.

You don’t have to be a master of everything

After more than ten years in this industry, I’ve seen people who know a lot, and I mean a lot! And when you are standing at the start of your career as a developer, this can feel overwhelmed.

Most of the…

Can We Embrace Low Code Platforms?

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What if you, as a (super professional) developer, don’t have to write any code? You’ll log in to your computer, open your browser and start clicking, dragging & dropping features in an application.

I asked myself lately, “What if I don’t write any code as a developer”?

This question came after seeing Microsoft show their new Power Platform lately.

What is Low Code / No Code

A low code or no-code platform offers non-developers a place to create applications without the need for any programming or IT background.

No code platforms offer their users a drag-and-drop interface to build applications without the need for writing code…

Improve the user experience for the love of your visitors

Cars going fast on the highway — blurred lights
Cars going fast on the highway — blurred lights
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Web development has evolved over the last couple of years. More of the logic that was in backend systems has moved to the frontend. We load more and heavier files in the browser, but those things cost the user experience.

In this post, I want to share a few guidelines that help me keep the performance and user experience at a high quality.

1. Minimize the Number of Requests

I know this one sounds obvious, but minimizing the number of requests needs some more thought. If you don’t need an image, video, icon, pdf on your page, don’t load it even though users won’t see it.

Use it with plain HTML and CSS

Book on wooden path
Book on wooden path
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We all want to use well-documented UI components in our frontend. With , you can do that reasonably quickly with React, Angular, Vue, or any other framework.

But since the documentation lacks clear information about how to set up Storybook without any JavaScript framework, I’m going to write it all down for you because it is possible to use plain HTML and CSS.

If you want to learn more about why you should use Storybook, check out by Tyler Hawkins.


Add Storybook by running the following command in the terminal:

No need to stash your changes anymore!

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I have those moments quite frequently, I need to update my develop branch, but I don't want to switch to it in git.

Well, I discovered a way to fetch another branch you’re working in, but you don’t need to switch.

git fetch origin develop:develop

With this command, you can continue to work in your feature branch and update the develop or master branch. No need to stash your current changes because you need to switch branches anymore!

It’s super easy and valuable to me. I thought It might be helpful to you as well 👍

Git 101

If you want to…

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