5 actions for recruiters & recruitment agencies to standout with content marketing!

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I believe in empowering people. Don’t do everything for them, but help them to do it by them self!

This gives people a feeling of empowerment! That’s the reason why I’ve written down these tips for all of you recruiters 😉 to empower you, so you can standout with your content marketing!

Give tips how people land a better job.
As a recruiter, you are a professional with finding jobs for people. To make your job a bit smoother, write done some tips so people can be on the job sooner.

Since you are a professional, you know all the things that work. From clothing tips to speaking tips. Give the people who need a job the power to better by them self!

Let clients write testimonials
Hopefully, you have helped a lot of people who are happy with the their new job!

You can wait until they will tell others about you. But you can just simply ask them to write their experience, how you helped them. Or you can interview them by phone if that is easier.

If they want their story to be used on your website that will be very cool. This is gonna help you building trust for new potential clients. This will also show them that you are a professional and focus on making people happy with a new job!

So use happy customers!

Show how to optimise a CV
To help people better I think you will also review their CV, so they make better changes for a new job.

When you do this, write down the tips you give the most frequently. By writing it down on your website, you can help yourself by sending the link to new people, so they do it a lot better by themselves. Saves them time, so it will save your time!

Give tips to write a better job application letters

As a recruiter, you will see a lot of job application letters in your daily job.

I guess some of them are good, some are bad. Write down the tips you would give to most of the people so they can write a better job application letter.

Saves people a lot of time 👍

Help businesses write better job descriptions

As a recruitment agency or recruiter, you will also help the business searching for new people.

If you have a lot of experience in the business, you will see a lot of things go wrong in the businesses to find the right employee.

Write a top 10 of tips that will help businesses write a better job description.

The same as I said earlier, this will help your business clients and makes your work a lot easier!

If you need other help with your content and social media strategy pleas let me know!

Originally published at ByRayRay.com.

I write stories about Frontend Dev, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless Functions, JAM Stack, FaunaDB, Netlify, Apple, iOS— https://byrayray.dev

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