4 Social Content Marketing ideas for a barbershop or hairstylist

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You have a barbershop or an hairstyling business. But don’t know how you could use social content marketing to be more successful.

I’ve written 4 ideas to make use of social content marketing, so you can use it TODAY!!

Every day you take care of the hair and makeup of your clients. Day in day out you create so many haircuts for your clients.

Every now and then people ask you for some inspiration for a new hairstyle. Then you show a few old books with inspiration.

Let your clients drive free social advertisement

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Every time you created a beautiful haircut for your client, you can make a picture of their haircut. [Always ask their permission!!]

If your client says yes, that is perfect!

Grab your phone, position yourself and your client for the right photo and press the button!

It’s that easy!

Check if your client is in the spotlight of your photo, they are the most important of that picture!

You can use them for posting it on your Instagram or Facebook. Tag them in it. Most are happy to share the photo on their personal account. That is a free advertisement!

You can post the picture right after you took it, or later when it is not so busy.

I would recommend posting the picture soon after you took it. Social media is real-time, so why not post it at that moment ;-)

Make an inspiration portfolio of haircuts

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By creating so many haircuts, day in day out, you can create your own online inspiration book on your website.

I would recommend post this picture on your Instagram & Facebook page.

Or pick a few of your favorite haircuts at the end of the day. Download an app to make a collage of. Use this photo to create a post on your blog/website.

Put the photo at the top of the post and write a short story about that day. This will give your readers some insights of your day, weeks. Btw, people love stories.

Wedding haircuts are awesome!

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For most people, a wedding is the most beautiful day of their life, as it should be!!

Most of the time they have their photographer with them, make advantage of it!

The photographer will make some nice shots of you during the styling process. Give your phone to him or her and ask if he can make a few pictures with your phone for an inspiration blog.

You can use the pictures at the end of the day to make a blog post about Wedding hair styling inspiration.

[Allways ask your client for permission!]

Write this blog post as a story. People love to read stories!

A story about what you did for makeup, the hairstyling or to help the bride be more relaxed. Your users will love this story!

Even better, your clients will love and share them with friends and family. So that’s another opportunity for free advertisement!

Make DIY hairstyling content

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This is what goes into the opposite way of thinking of most business owners! But why?

Most business owners think that if they gonna tell their clients how to things themselves the won’t come anymore.

But content marketing is all about showing that you know where you talking about. You show that you are a professional by giving valuable tips & tricks away.

If you are gonna write a blog post or make a video of how people can take care of their hair, your clients gonna like it! Why? Because you give free tips, you will empower them! That makes your content valuable.

Or make content how they can make accessories for their kid’s hair. That will be fun for parents, you will stimulate them to take time with their kids to be creative! And that is showing your customers who the person is behind the business.

And YES, it all will take costs time to create that content! But keep it simple for yourself. Start small and personal, that’s what most people will like.

Make a personal process for your social content creation

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If you create more content during the year, you will go faster than when you first start. The first time you ask a client to make a picture of their haircut, it will feel so un-natural. But making this a process will give you more self-confidence.

Think about these 3 things when working on content for you socials.

  1. A haircut is a potential inspiration for your next happier customer
  2. Take the time for creating nice and inspiring content
  3. Hard work & patience will pay off!


Don’t use this content for direct sales, but use it for indirect sales! The power of content marketing is about building up your authority in your business.

I hope these concrete ideas will give the inspiration to turn your business into a social online business. That will make your business more successful!

If you are running another business and need the inspiration to use social content marketing?

Please send an email to hello@byrayray.com or post it in the comments and I would love to help you with ideas for your business.

Now it’s up to you! Please share if you have some (little) success with these ideas! I would love to see them here!

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